Quicken is resolving the issues relating to handling our day to transactions. However, it sometimes shows errors in its operations. Quicken not downloading transactions is one of the major issues faced in the functioning of the quicken. There can be a number of reasons that cause the dysfunction of Quicken software. 


quicken not downloading transactions

Reasons behind Quicken not downloading transactions 

  • No web connection 

Sometimes weak internet connections affect the transaction downloading process. To ensure smooth functioning, open the software and check the internet connection. However, you can test your internet speed online. 

  • Fault in Quicken account setting 

There might be an error in your account settings. This can be from your end and from another end also. Make sure the information you provided about your bank details is correct or not. For example the password you change in your bank account is not updated in the quicken account. Then it will show errors in various data-related services. 

  • Offline bank server 

In some cases, there is an error from the bank side. Because of slow server connectivity, the transactions can’t be downloaded easily. In this case, you have to wait for any update from the bank. Or you can reach out to your bank service support. 

  • Transactions uncleared by the bank 

There can be chances when some of your financial transactions remain uncleared. This resulted in an error in downloading the transaction from the quicken portal. 

  • Quicken error cc-501 and cc- 506 

The error CC-501 occurs when the quicken update is not working. Or when there is an issue at Quicken end. Likewise, error CC- 506 will address the issue when quicken is unable to verify the financial institution. 

quicken not downloading transaction

5 Steps to fix Quicken not downloading transactions error

Check quicken for new updates 

  • Go to quicken 
  • Select the help section 
  • Check for updates 
  • Click on the Yes option and start updating 

Refresh quicken account details 

  • First, go to the account section 
  • On the top right option, there is a button indicating update now 
  • Enter your account details

Try to repair the damaged Quicken file 

  • Go to file menu 
  • Click on the file operation section and click on validate and repair option 
  • Select the validate file option and press go 

Deactivate and Reactivate your account 

For deactivate 

  • Go to tools and search for the account list
  • Click on edit  for a specific transaction account
  • Select the online service tab and press the deactivate button 

For reactivation of the account 

  • Again go to the tools and account list 
  • Edit your previous deactivated account 
  • Choose online services and hit the set up now option
  • Enter your bank username with the password 
  • Go to connect 
  • A screen will prompt showing account details. Ensure to check on the link button 

Set up a new Quicken file 

  • If your previous file gets damaged. Go to the File option and select the new quicken file 
  • Make a new file with an identified number 
  • Fill in the quicken ID along with the password 
  • Verify your quicken account with 6 digit code 
  • Sync your account with the mobile number and add the account 
  • Select your account type
  • Enter the password and then connect


A quicken is a helpful tool when it comes to managing financial transactions. If this blog interests you, you read more about quicken. You can reach out to us at Rabyte IT Solutions