People new to the digital marketing world might wonder a lot. About the simple difference between social media optimization and social media marketing. Therefore, Today’s blog is all about Social Media Optimization v/s Social Media Marketing. 

Social Media Optimization is one of the methods to increase the online presence. Presence of a business by creating accounts on all social media accounts. It helps an organization to grow. As a digital marketing strategy, social media optimization helps to increase awareness. About the new products and services. Hence, it engages  customers. In other words, SMO is all about attracting your audience with an “optimized” website. It encourage them to deliver your content without much efforts.

Social media marketing is all about using social media platforms. Because it is a means to connect with your audience. Build your brand, increase your sales and drive traffic to your website. This includes posting quality content to your social media profiles. However, Listening and engaging your followers. Checking your results, and running social media ads. Moreover, SMM relates to activities that are done off-site.  For example : Participating in online communities to interact with your customers.

Social Media Optimization v/s Social Media Marketing has been two hot topics. Obviously the discussion in the digital industry. Although these two are the two essential pillars of digital marketing. People still have a lot of confusion about each of them – their meaning, purpose, and impact.

Social Media Optimization v/s Social Media Marketing:

 Below are some differences between Social Media Optimization v/s Social Media Marketing:

  • Social Media Optimization involves adding social media icons to your website.  However,  Social Media Marketing involves checking the competition in the market.  According to your business niche.
  • Social Media Optimization motivates people to create accounts on all social media platforms.  For Instance : Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.  Moreover, Social Media Marketing means creating a marketing strategy for achieving the set goals.
  • Social Media Optimization promotes the business online. It encourages people to interact more with the public. Whereas, Social Media Marketing helps to get the analytics. Hence, it starts planning about what the audience target.
  • Social Media Optimization takes place on web pages or websites. In the direction where we have to direct the traffic. On the other hand, Social Media Marketing takes place on the platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Social Media Optimization is website oriented technique. To increase the traffic on your website organically. But, Social Media Marketing is social media-oriented technique. Therefore, it takes place outside the website.
  • SMO involves optimizing the pages on regular basis. Whereas, Social Media Marketing involves checking social media accounts on the daily basis.
  • Social Media Optimization is all about adapting. Because of changes on the website to ensure the success of social media marketing activities. But, Social Media Marketing involves promoting the brand on social media sites.

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 Therefore , We have come to the end of the blog.  Social Media Optimization v/s Social Media Marketing.  We hope it was helpful.  Rabyte It Solutions Pvt Ltd provides both  these services in Noida.