Quicken was once the go-to budgeting tool. It manages your finances, creates a custom comprehensive budget, and tracks your investments and plans for retirement. But In 2022 you can find some Quicken alternatives for PC.

In the blog, we will list the 5 best alternatives for Quicken. This will give you a brief idea about the alternatives, and you can choose one that suits your need. 

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Quicken VS Quickbooks.

Top Quicken Alternatives.

1. Personal Capital–Editor’s Choice.

2. CountAbout–Imports from Quicken or Mint.

3. Tiller Money–Best Spreadsheet Budget.

4. You Need a Budget-Best for Budgeting.

5. PocketSmith–Best for Calendar Budgeting.

6. Mint – Best for Budgeting and expense tracking.

7. Banktivity – Best for Import Data

Top 7 Alternatives for PC

7 best Quicken alternatives for pc”

 Personal Capital–Editor’s Choice

Personal Capital is the clear winner when it comes to finding a substitute for Quicken. It’s free and offers tools to manage budgets, retirement investments, and taxes. You can track Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and thousands of crypto on Personal Capital. This is a tool you can use for everyday purposes.

CountAbout– Quicken imports compatible

If you have a lot of data in Quicken, CountAbout could be the budgeting tool for you. It has a feature that allows users to import data from Quicken. There are various features you can use to track your transactions. The basic plan costs $9.99/year and around $39.99/year for automatic downloading of bank statements and more. This is another Quicken alternatives for PC.

Tiller Money–Spreadsheet Budget Tool

Tiller Money turn-out a Google Sheet into a dynamic budgeting tool. User can link their bank accounts to it, and it detects and downloads all transactions. From there you can do budgeting, categorize spending and generate reports

You Need a Budget – Best for Budgeting

You Need a Budget, is ideal for those looking for a budgeting tool. There is no preferable application when it comes to creating a budget or planning for a budget. YNAB’s interface is like a spreadsheet. The tool makes it easy to make a budget by categorizing the money you have in the bank. You can consider it one of the best Quicken alternatives for PC.

PocketSmith–Best for Calendar Budgeting

PocketSmith uses the simple idea of using a calendar to plan upcoming transactions. You can sync your accounts with PocketSmith. After syncing, your budget and your net worth could be easily tracked. You can also see your income, expenses, and savings in a calendar view which is a handy feature.

What is the best option to move  Quicken data to a new application?

If you want to move  Quicken data to a new budgeting app, CountAbout is a very good option. It has features enabling users to move data from Quicken or Mint etc.

Mint – Best For Budgeting and expense tracking

You may have heard of these guys because they are now owned by the same company that once made Quicken.

Intuit acquired them in 2010 and that is why they soon closed Quicken Online.

Later, Intuit sold Quicken to H.I.G. capital and only then did you know the end was near!

Why it’s a good Quicken alternative: Mint is free and very powerful when it comes to budgeting and expense tracking. They don’t have much to do with helping you invest and save for retirement, which I think is a big limitation as you get older. Mint has always been aiming to be a budgeting app and with that in mind, they do a really good job.

If you’re tired of Quicken and focus solely on expense tracking, Mint is a good Quicken alternative. It’s cloud-based, so there’s no software to download, patch, or update. If you have investments and want to manage them, Mint will not be able to adequately meet your needs.

Banktivity – For Import Data

Designed exclusively for macOS, Banktivity is the one more quicken alternatives for pc is a personal finance fund manager that will import data from Quicken so you don’t lose anything in the transition process. It will do everything you want in a personal finance app, including budgeting, tracking expenses, scheduling and paying bills, tracking your investments (including real estate), and mining data from financial institutions.

It also has powerful reporting options that, if you’re a report junkie, you’ll probably really enjoy creating, tweaking, and rebuilding. All this is also possible with seamless synchronization of mobile apps across iOS devices.

It’s not free, has a one-time fee of $69.99, but has a 30-day trial (credit card not required).
Banktivity was created for those who first prioritized their privacy as much as financial empowerment. And It’s one of the best quicken alternatives for PC.



Tiller Money and You Need a Budget both are the best “Quicken alternatives for Pc”. You can plan future bill payments. These two apps allow you to distribute funds to bills that you plan to pay in the future.

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