While using Quicken, you might have faced some technical errors. In this article, we will discuss one of the most common errors “Quicken not downloading Schwab transactions” and how to fix it.  But first, let’s understand what is Quicken and Charles Schwab.

Quicken tracks your record balances, exchanges, investment, budget planning, advances, loans, and some other piece of your monetary life. The Home and Business version incorporates the capacity to track investment properties and small businesses in addition to your own data. 

If you are confused about what to use quicken or mint. 

quicken not downloading

Whereas, Charles Schwab is a monetary services company that gives a full range of protections, brokerage, banking, money management, monetary advisory, investor, and retirement plan services. It works in four primary divisions; investing, money management, banking, and trading. Charles Schwab offers a full-support brokerage stage that serves individual financial backers who contribute all alone or through a working environment-supported retirement or equity plan, as well as banking through Schwab Bank. 

It isn’t one-size-fits-all since everybody has unique monetary objectives. Whether you’re running after retirement, putting something aside for school or a house, or hoping to put resources into the market on your own. 

The solution to fix the “Quicken not downloading Schwen transactions” issue.

  1. Go to the “Account List” 
  2. Select “Edit” on the first account
  3. Go to the Online Services tab.
  4. Click Deactivate. It generally takes 15 seconds to work.
  5. Switch to the General tab.
  6. Clear out the “Bank” and “Account Number” fields.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Repeat steps 2-7 for your Schwab accounts.
  9. Close the account list.
  10. Open the account details.
  11. Click the “Download Transactions” options at the bottom of the list. Then a button called “Set up Download” will come. Click it.
  12. Enter “Schwab” on the screen where you select the bank. It comes with several matches. Select the generic “Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.”
  13. Complete the login process with Schwab.
  14. Accept the legal screen about allowing Quicken access to your data by checking the box.
  15. Next is a list of accounts that you want to provide access to. Choose the account you want access to. 
  16. Then you get a “return to quicken” option.
  17. Now Quicken gives the option of creating new accounts. Click the option to “Link to existing account”, making sure to match them all up correctly.


While fixing the issues, you may get a specific code, check the name or code of the error and call the QuickBooks client care support number, and for online assistance where a proficient professional will recognize the error and fix the same from a distance with troubleshooting process while guaranteeing the information’s safety and security. QuickBooks support is generally open to settling such issues.

We believe you can undoubtedly fix the issue “Quicken not downloading Schwab transaction” by step given above. If you are facing the issue, we suggest you talk to a specialist. 

We hope this article provides you with all information and helps you in fixing the issue.