What is a WordPress? When it comes to content management systems(CMS), WordPress is the first word that pops into our mind. It powers a third of the world’s websites, from complex sites to personal blogs. This amazing technology has created unique features. Which makes it the most popular CMS in use today. In this article, we are going to discuss WordPress. So if you don’t have the exact knowledge about it. we are pretty sure that by the end of this article you will get enough knowledge. And have the confidence to escape any type of competition while using WordPress.

Strength of WordPress

Strength of WordPress

It has wide strength for its users. Whether they are professional or personal bloggers. Here are some of these parts :


At the present time of busy schedule. It design to support its users. Like bloggers and other kinds of online publishing. It elevates the MNCs and businesses. By managing their personal blogs and professional sites. Easy to use and free of cost.

Best for beginners

What is a WordPress for beginners? When it comes to any beginner design and develop their website on their own. We can say that WordPress is best for beginners to start their journey as a blogger. It is easy to install and free to install in any system. Even without any technical expertise. A beginner can start and deal with it in installation. It offers a congenital dashboard. With the best and superior website layouts or customize headings.


WordPress provides us high quality & amazing themes. To make the site even more alluring. Which used through the WordPress theme dictionary. And many can buy through the different marketplace. Some are from third-party designers.  Previewed themes  live and edited at any time on the WordPress site.

Availability of Plugin

It has all the basic elements that a website owner needs to design a basic website. But many users want some more elements. To specialize their website according to their needs and wants. For this, It offers hundreds of plugins. And some wedge of code designed to carry through the peculiar task. All plugins would adjust according to their user’s needs. They can be set in motion and extinguished and uninstalled as per needs and wants.

Seo Friendly

As we all know about very about SEO(search engine optimization) is the main key to the success of your business. It provides its users with all the plugins and tools to optimize the content. It is helpful to make the SEO rank high for their keywords. Because of the constant updates and modifications.

Community Support

Being a cost-free and best source of technology.  Supported by WordPress-loving community all over the world. WordPress lover’s community handles making the modification. To the source file to keep it updated and secured. So, If you have a question like what is a WordPress then you are at the right place. 


In the above context, we have discussed what is a WordPress? We have covered almost this topic but still, some points are left. Because it is not possible to describe all the points in a single blog. If you’re curious to know more then visit our website Rabyte IT Solutions. We are available 24 hours a day and will be happy to help you tackle all your technical challenges. Feel free to connect with us through the website mentioned above.