The white screen of death WordPress is a common issue. In this case, the web browser shows a blank white screen with no error message. Which makes it difficult to know the reason for this error.
Furthermore, this issue is particularly difficult to detect. When it affects only specific web pages.

Reasons why do you get a white screen of death WordPress issue


Reasons why do you get a white screen of death WordPress issue

Some of the most common reasons behind WordPress white screen of death error are:

  • There is no more space – The website’s PHP script has exceeded the memory limit or most execution time.
  • Incompatible plugins – Poor-coded or outdated WordPress plugins. They often display this white screen of death on the browser of the visitors.
  • Bad theme – The active theme is not suitable for the version of the WordPress site.
  • corrupt files – Errors in the coding of core files like functions.php, wp-config.php. And htaccess can corrupt a site and make it unresponsive.

Each of these situations can cause your site. And Its specific web page displays a blank white screen like the image below.

There are 3 methods to fix the white screen of death WordPress issue :

There are 3 methods to fix the white screen of death WordPress issue :

To fix the White Screen of Death WordPress issue, you must first find the source of the problem. Some of the more common ways to locate the problem include:

  • Go back. Review recent changes to your website, including installing third-party features. Or changing themes, before showing a blank screen.
  • Check admin’s email. Check if you got an error notification from WordPress on your wp-admin email.
  • Inspect the equipment. Use the Inspect Elements feature of your web browser to access the developer tools. This technique helps in debugging the web page.
  • After trying a method, reload the website from the visitor’s browser to see if it works.

But, if the website is still having issues, try the following methods to fix this white Screen of Death error.

Here are these methods 

1. Check WordPress core file

The wrong line of code or missing core file can corrupt a website. So the first way is to check the core files of your WordPress website. To do this, make sure you have access to the file manager.

If you are using Hostinger, head to hPanel -> File Manager.

When File Manager opens in a new tab, click on the public_html folder. Then make sure the wp-config.php and .htaccess files are there. If you can’t locate them download a new WordPress installation file. Then add these two files to the file manager.

2. Increase WordPress Memory Limit

Another reason! why WordPress shows a white screen of death is insufficient memory. WordPress will set a limit of 32MB by default. Yet, it is possible to increase it if your website has a lot of multimedia content and you run large scripts.

When you are about to exceed the memory limit of your website. WordPress will display these error messages when editing:

Fatal error: The allowed memory size of XXX bytes exhausted.

Fatal error: Out of memory.

There are two ways to increase the limit: using an FTP client or a file manager. The steps for both are similar, with the biggest difference being in the way the files accessed.

To increase the limit using the file manager.  Locate the wp-config.php file in the public_html folder of your WordPress website. Right-click on the file and choose Edit.

3. Fix File Permission Issues

Another way to fix the white screen of death WordPress issue is to adjust the file permission. Because we only recommend this method for advanced users. As editing file permissions can make a WordPress website vulnerable. It can prone to hacking attempts.

Every file and folder on a WordPress website has a set of permissions. Sometimes file permission misconfiguration causes this error to appear. File permission repair can manually done by changing the command line. Or automatically if provided by the hosting provider of the site.

  •  Head to hPanel -> Fix File Ownership.
  • Tick Confirm to set your site’s files and folders to default permissions and click on Execute.

 Hostinger will set the permission values to:

  •  For files, the default setting is 644.
  •  For folders, the default setting is 755.


On this page, we learn about what is the white screen of death WordPress issue and how to fix it. Hope! It will helpful for you. If you have any concerns about it. Please do let us know in our comment section without any hesitation. Must visit our website: Rabyte IT Solutions