Today number of mobile users is doubled compared to the past 5 years. And it will keep on increasing to a greater extent in coming years. Today not only IT companies but any other small business is trying to work in the mobile app development framework. 

Imagine how you start your morning? You check your schedule for the day, orders your first meal online, and book a cab to reach your workplace. How it has become a part of our system? The answer is it makes our lives convenient. Imagine how it eases the lives of not your but many people like us. This all happens because of the continuous Mobile app development framework happening in our environment. 

What is a Mobile app development framework?

It is the process of creating software applications that can run on different mobile devices. A mobile app framework is a software creation tool. Where an application is designed with the help of tools, programming interference. 


Mobile app development

Types of mobile app development framework :

Mobile applications come in different sizes and interference. But they are categorized into 3 groups. 

Native application 

An application designed for specific platforms or devices like Ios, windows, and android. It uses functions like RAM, GPS, and a camera. For example, Pokemon Go is an application that uses the GPS and camera feature. Usually, native apps are installed in the mobile storage but the data is stored in the cloud storage. 

Web application 

A web application is an application that the client doesn’t download. on second thought gets to by means of an internet browser over an organization. Model internet browsers incorporate Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox. Web applications give usefulness from ledger admittance to YouTube video seeing through, for instance, Safari on an iPhone. 

Hybrid application 

Hybrid applications are the fusion of both native and web applications. As a result, it working is like a web application. But it installs like a native application. For example, Instagram is an example of a hybrid application. It uses access to cameras and GPS and also used cloud storage. 

Benefits of mobile app development :

Enhance global reach

Mobile applications help small businesses grab a good market share by interacting with a new audience. An application provides insight into business whereabouts and keeps you updated. 

Provides accessibility from different platforms 

A mobile application allows users to install the same application via any marketplace like the google play store or Apple app store. 

Promotes brand loyalty and recognition 

If a business has its own application then it promotes brand recognition among its customers. This enables healthy consumer relationships. This helps in maintaining brand loyalty in the market.

Time utility 

Advancement in application generates time utility. As applications can track what the consumers want and what they want in an application? As all the updates will be accessible to the consumer. It shortens the cycle from generating the need and fulfilling it. 

There are some of the top mobile app development frameworks 

React Native, Flutter, swiftic 


I hope this blog covers all your doubts related to mobile app development. If you have an interest in reading these types of blogs you can visit us at Rabyte IT solution.